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WAXBOX H2O - Wax Subscription


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What´s WAXBOX?
The WAXBOX is the first Box of wax bars, which enables you to receive, in a simple and practical way, all the wax you need for surfing all year round. With the WAXBOX you will receive a Box with the regularity you need at your home, suitable for your surfing needs: Receive 1 WAXBOX every 3 months; Receive 1 WAXBOX every 6 months; receive 1 WAXBOX every 12 months.

In each WAXBOX you receive 4 wax bars that you can choose from all these options:
- Sex Wax 2x Extra Soft (purple packaging)
- Sex Wax 2x Soft (green packaging)
- Sex Wax 4x Firm (orange packaging)
- Sex Wax 5x Hard (red packaging)
- Sex Wax 6x Extra Hard/Basecoat (blue packaging)
- Sticky Bumps Bodyboard - Cool/Cold
- Sticky Bumps Original - Cool
- Sticky Bumps Tour Series - Cool/Cold
(You can mix brands and types of wax for the 4 bars of wax.)

How does the ordering proccess work?
SIMPLE! WAXBOX orders are made exclusively through this website.

Choose the WAXBOX from the available regularity (Receive 1 WAXBOX every 3 months; Receive 1 WAXBOX every 6 months; receive 1 WAXBOX every 12 months).
Next, enter your shipping information (name, address, VAT number, phone number and payment method) and the 4 wax bars you want to receive, so that we can create your perfect WAXBOX.
You receive an order confirmation email.
Then, just wait! On the 8th of each month or on the following business day in case of weekends/holidays, the WAXBOX will be shipped and will arrive at your home within 2 to 4 business days, depending on the regularity you choose.

Can the WAXBOX be a gift?
SURE! All you need to do is to write on the message box that it is a gift, add  "new delivery address" with the name and address of the surfer and choose the desired wax, so that the WAXBOX is built according to that person´s profile. You can also include a personalized message to be included.
A simple and quick way to surprise a friend who surfs or bodyboards.

The payment…
When subscribing to a plan (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) the payment for those months is made in full at the time of purchase. If at the time of the 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan you want to renew your subscription, simply access your account area and reorder a new WAXBOX.

How is the shipment done? Are there shipping fees?
The WAXBOX is available only for Portugal addresses.
Your WAXBOX  is sent on the 8th of each month (depending on the frequency you choose) and will be delivered between 2 to 4 working days, to the indicated address during check-out through GLS, which ensures the integrity of your order. WAXBOX´s value does not include shipping fees, as they are FREE! Just add the code WAXBOX to the cart.

Can I change the shipping address?
Yes. It is possible to change the shipping address within the 48 hours prior to the date scheduled for shipment. Contact us.

Are there any extra benefits of subscribing to the WAXBOX?
Sure! With the WAXBOX you won´t be short of wax. You don´t have to go to a surfshop just to buy a wax bar because you receive the WAXBOX in the comfort of your home or work and also... in each WAXBOX you receive discount codes that you can use on future purchases.

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WAXBOX H2O - Wax Subscription