The passion for bodyboard, surf and skateboard is old. Even before H2O Surfshop was born, Francisco Ferreira, better known as Joca, advised and sold all the technical gear that involved these sports, in another shop.
In 2000, a dream came true and the H2O Surfshop store opened in Joca's hometown, Marinha Grande.
We are a store specialized in technical gear for bodyboarding, surfing and skateboarding. We have the best material for these sports, as well as quality options for beginners. At H2O Surfshop, there is quality gear with the best advice and follow-up you can get. We guarantee that you are satisfied, with the best tips, because bodyboarding, surfing and skateboard are the things that move us. After all, we've been here for over 20 years!
In 2021, we moved the shop to São Pedro de Moel beach, so that we could be even closer to the sea. In the center of the country, H2O Surfshop, is 9 km from Marinha Grande and 17 km from Nazaré.
H2O Surfshop has a LEGO® section, Toys For The Boys and Girls, where we have all the news of all the ranges of this technical toy intended not only for children, but also for grownups.